Growing Hope

Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9 

It is always our aim to bring opportunities to Mozambicans.  This started with the farming social enterprise and has also included craft training and production and providing fruit and moringa trees for churches to plant and look after, providing fruit and nutrition for their church families.  We are equipping several churches with Farming God’s Way in Sofala.  In 2022 we linked with 22 churches and 196 families.  This ministry also supports widows and orphans in the community.  Encouraging and equipping Pastors with the biblical messages within Farming God’s Way has also been key in this mission.  Pastor Pires has received training to lead this and we hold meetings for Pastors and leaders at least twice a year.

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  1. Empowering People and Communities

    Empowering People and Communities
    The heart of what we do is to empower local people and communities; creating jobs, protecting the environment and reducing food poverty.
  2. Training and Income Generation

    Training and Income Generation
    In a country where unemployment is 90%, training and jobs for Mozambicans creates many opportunities and benefits for families such as, new skills for parents, regular family income, improved child nutrition, funds for school fees so more children are able to attend school and take exams.
  3. Creating Opportunities

    Creating Opportunities
    Training builds skills, confidence and hope.  On the farm we have introduced skills training in nursery management, field management, essential oil production administration and leadership.  In the wider community we have trained women in craft skills such as soap making, candle making, banana plant and recycled paper making, honey production and bee-keeping, and supported traditional wood turners, creating new local markets for these beautiful products. Farming God’s Way has more recently been introduced to support family farmers to feed their families.
  4. Food Poverty

    Food Poverty
    The majority of Mozambicans can only hope to feed their families through subsistence farming.  Staple foods are imported, prices are high and only going upwards and the local currency has been rapidly devaluing.    A good rainy season and the abundant sunshine should mean that families have the ability to grow plenty of food to sustain them throughout the year but poor farming practices and lack of knowledge has left fields in poor condition, and families failing to find enough to eat.

    Janet’s vision is to equip families by introducing Farming God’s Way, working with Mountain of Praise church and others, to bring the hope of the gospel and for improved staple crop production to fight food poverty plus, importantly, vegetable and fruit farming too.

  5. Farming God’s Way – FGW

    Farming God's Way - FGW
    Farming God’s Way is not an organisation but a resource to teach improved and sustainable conservation agricultural methods to local farmers, based on Biblical principles.  FGW addresses the problems of food poverty that families face.  It addresses the spiritual aspects of poverty while also giving knowledge and tools for sustainable methods of farming.  Through promoting FGW we hope and believe that agriculture will be changed in Mozambique to the benefit of people who need it most, families living in severe food poverty.
  6. Vision for Farming God’s Way in Mozambique

    Vision for Farming God's Way in Mozambique
    The majority of Mozambicans are still subsistence farmers. With food prices high and rising Mozambicans can only hope to feed their families through subsistence farming but with poor farming practices and lack of knowledge, families struggle to find enough to eat.  Constant hoeing of soil brings soil erosion and no practise of crop rotation has left the soil depleted of nutrition, greatly reducing crop production.
    Our vision is to better equip families by teaching FGW.  We started with Africa Naturally employees and then the FOM mission and now the big vision is to link further with Mountain of Praise church and spread FGW to the 100+ church plants throughout the country and then they to their wider communities.