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Farming for Orphans in Mozambique

Funding for a much needed bore hole: Late and poor rains and complete drought are far more frequent than 20 years ago. The FOM team has to walk a total of hours each day to collect water to irrigate the vegetables in these situations and rice harvests are poor or non existent. A bore hole to support our improved soil quality and water conservation techniques will mean a rice harvest even in a drought and a higher vegetable yield for the children.

For example, the full cost to train one person in FGW for FOM over 12 months costs £1,000 (at the current exchange rate – April 2017)

The full cost of producing 1kg of vegetables for the orphans, while employing and training a minimum of 5 people for 12 months, is just under £2.50.  This includes training, equipment, clothing, food, medicine, transporting harvest to the orphanage and management. So for as little as £2.50 you can contribute to the much needed improved nutrition for the orphans and training in improved farming methods.

Apprenticeships for Orphans

Growing Hope

Farming God’s Way training for Mountain of Praise Church plants

Please contact Janet Phythian for information.