June 2019 – Cyclone Idai devastated the Africa Naturally farm and the homes and neighbourhoods of  the people who work or train with Africa Naturally, FOM and Growing Hope

Immediately after the cyclone in mid March people were devastated and in shock not knowing where they would live or how they would provide food for their families.  Together we were able to bring hope when all around was chaos. Agencies provided medical and water aid;but no support to rebuild homes for so many that were made homeless. This is what everyone wanted – the basic need – to have a secure place to live.

With your prayers and generosity, we have been able to support all those working and training with us, initially with food and extra funds, and in May to rebuild each of their homes, 23 in total. This would not have been possible without your support. We are all very thankful. We have also been able to support some of the churches we work with to rebuild plus have supported a request for funding to rebuild the primary school in Mezimbite. Sadly, though, we have not yet had an answer to this.

We hope the photos here show the initial devastation and the following rebuild to help bring life back to normality. Sadly, the majority of families living in this area have not been so blessed. With the rains later in the year, usually December – March, there will be much sickness as they are homeless or with no secure roofing. Please continue to pray with us as food poverty, housing insecurity and unemployment continues for many.

We continue with our farming missions; equipping families and churches with Farming God’s Way, producing fruit and vegetable for families and orphans and equipping young and old in small agri enterprises. As very few jobs are available, people need to be entrepreneurs!

If you would like to support our ongoing work to fight food poverty and child malnutrition, equipping with families and churches to improve soil nutrition, farming practices to increase family harvests and to grow vegetables, please click here to find out how to donate